A bit about me:

Tanya Kravcenko Chartered Accountant:

I have worked as an accountant all of my working career, from business services, financial controller and systems adviser.

I have a delightful daughter called Sofia. We have two dogs called Rufus who is in charge of PR and Yuki who is in charge of security.

In my spare time I love going out on my boat exploring the islands nearby or trying to catch a fish or two, playing netball, gardening and travelling.

I love working with my clients and helping them with their accounting and tax requirements.  It gives me great pleasure to watch their businesses flourish and meet their goals.

Why choose me?

More than 20 years of accounting experience in a wide variety of roles.


I specialise in small to medium businesses and rental properties.


Personal Service: I do not mind coming to you and offer appointments outside normal office hours. Also you will always be dealing with me.


Fees are kept reasonable due to low overheads.


MYOB Re-seller: I have worked with MYOB for several years and am able to assist in setting up your system.  Systems and processes are really important in any business.


You don't have to live in Beachlands to use my services as I can work in the cloud and with the use of the internet and emails and skyping a personal relationship can be built and information exchanged.


I love working with entrepreneurs and sharing their journey to succeed.  Planning is very important and encourage all owners to review their plans annually.

Contact Info

Tanya Kravcenko

Chartered Accountant

867 Whitford-Maraetai Road 

P.O. Box 158, Beachlands, Auckland, 

New Zealand

027 553 3570

09 536 6297